Workshop on Macaque Pair Housing

Starts:  Jul 23, 2024 09:00:00 AM (PT)
Ends:  Jul 26, 2024 12:00:00 PM (PT)

The Workshop on Pair Housing of Macaques will be offered in July 2024. This in-person workshop will be hosted by the Oregon National Primate Research Center. The workshop will be comprised of lectures, small group exercises, individual exercises, demonstrations, animal observation and behavioral data collection. Topics to be covered include the importance of pair housing monkeys, selecting macaque partners who are the most likely to get along, the introduction process, and assessing their compatibility once monkeys are introduced. We will discuss things that can be done to help monkey pairs live together compatibly, and how to approach situations that might be the most challenging. Participants will learn to measure monkey temperaments and how this can be used as a tool to select partners. The use of data to track pairs of monkeys and to track progress in social housing programs will also be demonstrated. Workshop participants in the past came from across the country and included behavioral specialists, research staff members, animal care staff members, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians.