BRAD 2024 Webinar: Importance of Animals in Addressing the Drug Abuse Crisis

When:  Apr 18, 2024 from 12:00:00 PM to 01:00:00 PM (ET)

We are pleased to announce Dr. Charles P. France as the BRAD 2024 webinar speaker in his talk titled, "The Importance of Animals in Addressing the Drug Abuse Crisis" to be live-streamed on April 18th from 12-1 PM ET.

The continuing opioid crisis despite the availability of variably effective medications underscores the need for more and better treatments. Because drug abuse is a complex problem, studies in animals are essential both for understanding the neurobiology of substance use disorders and for discovering and developing new medications for treating substance use disorders. The importance of studies in nonhumans for addressing the opioid crisis will be discussed, including examples of ongoing drug development programs that could not proceed without the contribution of animals.